My name is Paula Moen! For as long as I can remember I have always had a creative project on the go!  My brain is constantly whirring with ideas and upcycling vintage plates is my latest and most successful venture! In 2019, I spotted a beautiful, quirky old tea set in a charity shop and I decided there that perhaps I could do something with the plates and saucers. I experimented for a few months and then figured out what I needed to do - Upcycled Vintage Plates as wall decor!
The Plates:
I apply text and/or illustrations to the plates using waterslide decals.
Each plate represents a nostalgic stamp of  time - incorporating the past with the present. Who remembers the 'good' room, and using the 'good' cups and saucers for when visitors called to the house? These plates were once part of someone's story... a wedding gift, an anniversary present, a new home, a new family, the beginnings of a new chapter in their life. I am upcycling these beautiful pieces by celebrating and remembering the times we are in... mixing the old with the new. From current Covid19 phrases to kitchen themes, poems and quotes, personal anecdotes, humerous... the list is endless. The material is there...around us, in the news, in conversation. I'm constantly looking and listening!
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